2018.02.25. 15:32

Sincerely, Kon-Trade + Kft.

Kon-Trade + Ltd. was established in 1996 as a successor to Kon-Trade Bt. Representation of the German Leybold company, the Kon-Trade's service center existed since 1979, within the possible operating framework. Even before the change of regime, despite the then low level of industrial production, we managed to start the operation of our company and expand its customer base.

Our company was initially engaged in leased premises, first in the Industrial Park of Mechanical Müvek and then at the ISG site in Budaörs. In 2002, we started the construction of an own site in ISG and later called BITEP. In 2003, the construction of a new site was completed, where we can undertake self-contained equipment manufacturing in more than 200 square meters of basic floor space, besides the vacuum service engineering services we have undertaken. Sales in a new office, with new, up-to-date infrastructure, awaits customers' interest.


Nowadays, Kon-Trade + Ltd. has become a major factor in the domestic vacuum technology industry. The annual turnover of hundreds of millions of HUF and its continuous growth is well reflected in the satisfaction of our customers and the readiness of our employees. We are able to offer our customers not only the distribution of vacuum equipment, the repair of defective equipment beyond warranty and warranty period, but we can also undertake the design of vacuum technology special machines and equipment. After the reorganization of the Leybold company, Kon-Trade + Kft. Provides the representation and service of the most important offspring companies. These are:

Leybold GmbH; Bühler / Leybold Optics GmbH; Inficon GmbH; UIC GmbH; AGRAMKOW Fluid Systems A / S

Our custom-made compactness testing lines work at the locations of several domestic refrigeration plants. These automated devices are based on devices manufactured by Leybold and Inficon, with computerized control and custom software, with domestic design, representing the technical standard that corresponds to the state of the art.

Of course, if you have any question about vacuum technology, we would be happy to provide you with an expert advice.

Lovics Ádám

Kon-Trade + Ltd. is managing director