Kon-Trade + Ltd. project

2018.03.08. 11:25

Project name:

Exploiting new potential in solar cell manufacturing technology

Project description:

Kon-Trade + Ltd. has won an EU grant of 86,121,567 HUF in the framework of the „Új Széchenyi Terv” for the "Call for Comprehensive Technological Innovation of the Accredited Cluster Membership Companies". With a total budget of 177,193,055 forints, not only is it developing a new technology process, but an energy-efficient, upgraded product is being created. Kon-Trade + Trading and Service Ltd., founded in 1996, is based in Budapest and is engaged in the production of pumps, compressors and solar cells and their continuous technological development. The purpose of this tender project is to develop the existing solar technology technologies using vacuum technology. The result of the project will be a layered pattern with unique chemical design, which can be integrated into the production line with knowledge of manufacturing technology. With this technology, the power generation capacity of solar panels will be 20% higher than the solar panels currently available on the market.

Beneficiary Name:

Kon-Trade + Ltd.


8000 Székesfehérvár, Boróka utca 1., hrsz: 8134/95

Amount of the grant:

86.121.567 Ft

Project ID:

GOP 1.3.1-11 / B-2011-0019

Construction time:

01/16/2012. - 30.11.2013.


Contributing organization name and contact information:

MAG - Magyar Gazdaságfejlesztési Központ Zrt. 
Gazdasági Versenyképesség Operatív Program 
1539 Budapest, Pf. 684 
(+36) 40 200 617